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Toilet Hire Slough

Toilet Hire Limited with its depot in Slough supplies portable toilets for Berkshire and local areas. With over 18 years of experience in delivering local toilers, we are a leading toilet hire company in this area. Being local means we can provide reliable, five-star service and beat our competitor’s prices by 10%. Please call our office today, to find out more and get a free quotation.

Available 7 days a week

All our temporary toilers are available 7 days a week. Call us to find out more.

Weekly Serviced

All sites on contract hire are serviced on a weekly basis. Always clean facilities.

Ready to Use

Fully serviced and ready to use on delivery! Get your free quote today.

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Site Toilet Hire Slough

If you are looking for builders portable toilets in the Slough area, or need the company to carry out maintenance on your units, please call us today.
Each week our portable toilets are thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and recharged. Regular calls and service reliability guarantees a clean and smooth service. We cover the majority of builders and construction toilet hires in the Slough area.

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Event Toilet Hire Slough

If you running an event in and around Slough area and you need a reliable and cheap toilet hire service, you can call us today and get your free quote. On average THL is 10% cheapen that competitors in the Slough area. Our service covers all events, parties, festivals, family days and more. Do you need a toilet for a birthday party? Please feel free to call us today.

Happy Clients

Fast deliveries, best prices, friendly team, five-star maintenance standards. We are a family owned business that looks after their customers.

“Great service. Toilets delivered efficiently and immaculate inside and out. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again and recommend. Thank you Karen!”
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Karen Moody

“Thank you Kelvin, for stepping in at the the last minute after we were let down. Very clean toilets and professional service from the start. Stuart and Kate ”
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Ridge Crest

“Excellent service prompt and polite. Happy to recommend ”

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Neale Hatch

Toilet Hire Services

Please see below for more details. In case of any question, please feel free to contact our office.

Please make sure we have clear access to our portable toilet for servicing purposes as the unit need to be within 10 metres from the delivery truck, in order to be pumped and recharged. Best is to check with our office but please note that a standard plastic portable toilet is 8 feet height and 4 foot by 4 foot.

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We are certified by the Environmental Agency and the Thames Water. Our units are always delivered clean and ready to use.